Analysis Library

Modified on Wed, 23 Nov 2022 at 03:56 PM

The analysis library offers a pivot table functionality whereby the user is able to gain a flexible overview of all the analyses performed. Each workspace contains its own analysis library, where they can explore all the analyses they have performed within the workspace. Additionally you can access the analysis library via the analysis log or the resort analysis algorithms options. 

1. Algorithm settings: 

The algorithm settings to the right contains the following 4 options: 

Select analysis library coloumns: Allows the user to select columns to add as labels to the pivot table

Visualisation type: Allows the user to visualise the table in the form for different charts

Summary type: Allows the user to select a specific column and summarise the results of the analysis in a preferred format 

Each setting will be discussed in a detailed manner below. 

2. Select analysis library columns: 

The user can toggle between all and complete cases. When the user selects all cases all the analyses within the workspace will become visible. When the user selects complete cases, only the complete cases will be available. The user can then select the columns they would like to visualise on the pivot table. 

The user can drag and drop column labels onto the grey field in order to visualise and flexibly navigate the results. 

3. Visualisation Type:

You have various visualisation options that can be selected for data visualisation, which would subsequently be visible in the white field. 

4. Summary type: 

Under this field the user is able to select the column data that they would like to summarise. Subsequently the user can select one of the various summarisation methods in order to summarise and visualise the data. 

5. Export settings

Under "export" the preferred export format for the table or plot can be selected, allowing for publication ready analysis output to be downloaded. 

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