Data merging

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At times additional insights from data can be obtained by examining two or more datasets as a single one. This will allow you to compare samples or cells from different datasets with differential gene expression analysis or to examine potential ligand-receptor interactions via the interaction analysis. The first step in examining datasets in such a way is to merge them together via the Merging algorithm, which allows you to merge full or subsets of two or more datasets. You should only merge datasets that were obtained using the same technology.

1 Algorithm Setting 

1.1 Creating a Plot

The first step of the analysis is to create a plot by clicking on the create plot icon. This will lead to a section where the algorithm of interest can be selected, in this case Merging. 

To ensure the plots are efficiently organized, a name and description must be assigned to the analysis under the appropriate fields. Under the "Choose algorithm to run your analysis", "Merging" must be selected.

1.2 Selecting data 

In the field "Choose a track or a database", specific datasets or tracks can be selected. They are listed in the field under "Selected analysis results".

1.3 Subsetting data

In the parameters field you can subset the observations from each selected datasets. By default all observation are selected for merging.

1.4 Running the analysis


Once all parameters have been set, the analysis can be executed by clicking the button "Run" on the top-right of the screen. 

2 Accessing results of the analysis 

You will be redirected back to the Tracks page where a new plot you have just created will appear. After the running of the algorithm is completed the banner on the plot will display the "Merged matrix" text. You can now use this plot (analysis step) as input for downstream analyses, like data pretreatment or integration.

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