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Welcome to the UniApp, your gateway to the world of bioinformatics! Whether you're a seasoned researcher or just embarking on your bioinformatics journey, the UniApp is here to simplify and enhance your experience. Explore a wealth of powerful tools, resources, and cutting-edge solutions designed to accelerate your studies and discoveries in the fascinating realm of life sciences. 

1. Introduction to the UniApp

The UniApp is designed to enhance your research journey through a narrative-driven approach. We have a strong conviction that the real value of your data becomes apparent when you build it into a captivating storyline, leading you toward actionable and practical insights. 

With this process in mind we created the structure of and the tools in the UniApp. In this article we will provide a brief overview of how to use the UniApp and it's general structure. Throughout, you can find links that guide you to more in-depth articles of certain topics. You can always navigate back here for a broader overview. 

If anything remains unclear or you should encounter any issues, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

2. General structure

After having set up your account, you can navigate the landing page and enter the workspaces to which you have access and/or create a new workspace if your license allows this. 

Workspaces are shared online spaces where multiple people can collaborate. In these workspaces we have a folder structure dedicated to organising the narrative that your data will tell. 

Briefly, we make a hierarchical summary of this structure;

  1. Landing page
  2. Workspace
  3. Collection
  4. Project
  5. Track
  6. Track element/plot

In depth information can be found under each hyperlink. More information on how to organise your workspace can be found under 'How to get started with your storyline'.

3. Knowledge base

The knowledge base where you find yourself currently is constructed by our experts to guide you through the UniApp to discover all it's functionalities. The following categories are present:

3.1 How-to

These are all articles on how to use the UniApp, how to get around and adopt a narrative-based approach to data science using this tool. It contains the following subcategories; 

    1. Get started with the UniApp

Everything on getting started with using the app, from introduction of our system and the organization of our system.

    2. Get started with your storyline

A step-by-step guide on how to get from data to insights using the UniApp. 

    3. Navigate the UniApp

A  guide through the system, a click-by-click tour of the different landing pages.

    4. Manage data in the UniApp

The UniApp offers a management tool for all your data, these articles will help you to upload, store, search and classify all your data in the UniApp.

    5. Troubleshoot

Experiencing any problems while using the UniApp? These articles will tell you what steps to make.

3.2 UniApp functionalities

The complete compendium of all algorithms, visualizations and features that are in the UniApp. These articles give you background knowledge on the analyses, tell you how to run them and provide links to extra documentation.

As the UniApp is constantly being upgraded, some articles may be outdated. Therefore it is possible that there are small discrepancies between the documentation and the UniApp. This will be adapted by our team.

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