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After clicking on the Project management button on the landing page you will be brought to the project management page. From here you can proceed to create collections or projects. Collections function like regular folders on your computer. When created from the project management page collections can store other collections and workspaces. When created within a workspace collections can store other collections and projects. 

Even though creating collections is not necessary to start your analysis we advise you to keep your workspace organised as much as possible by using collections. 


1. Creating a collection

To create a collection click on the Create new collection button:

This will bring you to the Create new collection page:

Here you can enter:

  • the name of your collection, which appears on the collection tile
  • a short description of your collection (with a 150 character maximum), this description appears on the collection tile
  • a long description of your collection
  • a thumbnail for the collection tile

Once you have filled in the details you can click the Save changes button to create your collection. You will be take back to the page where you have last click the Create new collection button.

You can now see the collection you have created in the Project management page. Each collection has two buttons:

  • Edit button - which leads to the edit collection page.
  • Open button - which opens the collections and shows the collections and/or projects within.

2. Edit collection page

On the Edit collection page you can edit all the details of a collection you have previously created. Additionally you can delete the collection by clicking the Delete button. When you delete a collection all collections and/or project within it are moved back to the project management page.

Once you have finalized you edits you can click on the Save changes button to save them. 

3. Changing order of collections 

As with all other tiles such as projects, tracks or plots, collections can also be dragged and dropped to change their order. The change of order is persistent and will remain the same even after you have refreshed the app.

4. Placing collections or project inside a collection

What differs collections from other tiles is that other collection and project tiles can be inserted into them.

When you start to drag a collection or project all other collections on the screen will display a dropzone into which you can drop the collection or project you are currently dragging. 

Dropping the collection or project you are currently dragging into dropzone will place your collection or project inside it.

5 Move collection or project up one level

To move your project or collection up one level drag and drop the collection or project tile on to the breadcrumb.

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