From data to insights

Modified on Wed, 13 Mar 2024 at 03:28 PM

In this document you will be guided through the first steps you will need to take to start your data analysis. 

  1. Before any data exploration or analyses can take place, outline the question you want to answer.

    • You can use our project roadmap approach for this

  2. Identify whether you have the data available to answer this question

    • It's possible to retrieve/add data using one of our partners such as Elucidata

  3. Identify the projects you need to answer this question.

    • Organize them in your workspace

  4. Identify what tracks (figures) you need in each project to achieve the aim of that project, you can use the management tool to keep track and assign tasks in this process.

  5. Fill in the tracks with plots and save them temporary as placeholders. Using the placeholder plots you can build up a logical, funnel shaped story with your data. It is highly recommended only to proceed with the actual analyses when you can tell a convincing story using the placeholders.

  6. Upload your data into the UniApp.

  7. Go to your first track, you will now have to retrieve your dataset from the data library to use it as input for downstream analyses. To do this, perform a restore analysis and select your dataset using the pivot table. Make sure to select the 'UniApp processed data' version of the required dataset.

  8. Perform data pretreatment.

  9. You are now ready to execute the analyses you set up in your tracks to answer your research question.

  10. A good starting point is to check your data through the pivot table functionality and the metadata editing tool. To see what data was added to your metadata by uploading it to the UniApp, click here.

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