Overview of UniApp Analysis and interactive visualization options

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This overview will be updated continuously. Last update: 25-10-2023 

To know which inputs can be chosen per analysis, see this article


Analysis & interactive visualizations in the UniApp

Below overview shows the (expected) available analysis algorithms & interactive visualization options in the UniApp. It also lists if it can be used as an input for Meta analysis and for which technology types


Input for meta analysis?Micro ArrayRNAseq
Spatial RNAseq
Meta data
ActiveExperimental designSuper pivot tableYYYYYYYY
ActiveData pretreatmentalgorithm varies per technologyYYYYYYY
ActiveGene association analysisUnicle propriataryYYYYYYYN
Active*Gene regulatory networkUnicle propriataryNYYYYYYN
ActiveDimension reductionPCANYYYYYYN
ActiveDimension reductiontSNENYYYYYYN
ActiveDimension reductionUMAPNYYYYYYN
ActiveClusteringHyrarchical clusteringNYYYYYYN
ActiveClusteringK-means clusteringNYYYYYYN
ActiveClusteringLouvain clusteringNYYYYYYN
ActiveCluster marker genesUnicle propriataryYYYYYYYN
ActiveDifferential analysisLimmaYYYYYYYN
ActiveDifferential analysisT-testYYYYYYYN
ActiveDifferential analysisWilcoxon testYYYYYYYN
ActiveDifferential analysisMASTYNNYNNNN
ActiveGene set enrichmentCompetitive GSEAYYYYYYNN
ActiveFeature heatmapHeatmapLYNYYYYYYN
ActiveCorrelation heatmapHeatmapLYNYYYYYYN
ActiveBrute forceUnicle propriataryNYYYYYYN
Active*Gene set associationUnicle partnershipYNNYNNNN
ActiveCell-cell interaction analysisCellphoneDBNNNYNNNN
ActiveGene entropy analysisSCENTYNNYNNNN
ActiveRank-based meta-analysisUnicle propriataryYYYYYYYN
ActiveRule-based meta-analysisUnicle propriataryYYYYYYYN
ActiveGene metadata tableGenecardsY (partially)n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
ActiveSuper pivot tableUnicle propriataryNYYYYYYY
Active*Feature engineeringGSVANYYNNYNN
Active*Spatial expressionSeuratNNNNYNNN
Active*Gene lolliplotUnicle propriataryn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Active*Pathology sliden/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Long listFeature engineeringModulescoreNNNYYNNN
Long listTrajectory interferencetbdtbdNNYNNNN
Long listGene entropy analysisRNEntropyNNYNNNNN


* are premium functionalities, contact us for more information

Long list: Expected future functionalities

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