Uploading PDF and HTML files

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Unifying results or presentations of various analyses is an essential part of any scientific endevour. UniApp offers a possibility to pool such data from various sources and store it in an organised manner within one platform

Currently UniApp accepts 2 types of data:

  • PDF
  • HTML

Follow the instructions below to learn how to upload external resources and maximise the impact of your data.

1 Algorithm settings

1.1 Creating a plot

As a first step of the analysis, a plot must be created by clicking on the create plot icon. This will lead to a section where the analysis of interest can be selected.

In order to ensure efficient organisation, a name and description must be assigned to the analysis under the appropriate fields. Subsequently, press on the dropdown menu under "Choose algorithm to run your analysis" and select the algorithm name suiting the format of your file. Available options:

  • PDF
  • HTML 5

1.2 Selecting data to upload

After selecting an algorithm in the previous step, an Upload tab appears. The user can upload both a thumbnail to the plot as well as a document in one of the 2 available formats to upload:

  • .pdf file for PDF upload
  • .zip file for HTML upload

1.3 Running the analysis

Once all files were uploaded, the upload can be finalized by clicking the 'Run' button at the top-right of the screen. The new data will be displayed as a new plot within 'Plots' menu.

2 Accessing results of the analysis

The user will be redirected back to the Tracks page where new placeholder ("My File") will be visible. Click 'Details' to rename it appropriately. Click "Select" to view the newly uplaoded data.

The selected analysis will appear at the top of the list and a new button "View Interactively" will be available. Press on "View Interactively" and wait for the document to load. You will be redirected to the interactive plot page.

3 Interactive plot page

 The uploaded document can be viewed inside the interactive plot page.

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