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Modified on Tue, 06 Dec 2022 at 04:53 PM

The upload image gallery allows the user to upload a train of images at once. This allows the user to easily navigate through the various slides. Furthermore it allows the user to organise various slides pertaining to certain themes within a specific track. 

1. Creating a plot: 

The user can create plot by clicking on Add new under a track of choice/newly created track. This will redirect the user to the algorithm settings page. 

The user can then set a plot name and a plot description. Furthermore the user can then choose the "image gallery" option under choose algorithm to run your analysis. Once the algorithm has been chosen the user can click on select algorithm which will lead to the following 2 steps becoming visible

The user can then create image for the gallery track thumbnail, and an all the images (content of the track) that the user would like to upload under the gallery. Once uploaded the gallery images tab will turn from grey to blue, and a notification within the tab will be included. 

2. Running the algorithm: 

Once all the relevant information has been uploaded the user can click on run which results in the algorithm to be executed. It takes a few minutes to run the analysis. Once the analysis is complete you should be redirected to the plot page where you can find all your images appropriately named. 

3. Annotations

By clicking on details, the user can annotate the plot. The various options found under the annotation menu include: 

Drawing an arrow: The user can click on the draw arrow button which allows them to draw an arrow. Next to the button a colour pallet and size menu is included. This allows the user to specify the colour and size of the arrow. Once the desired color and size has been selected the user can drag or click on various components of the image in order to draw an arrow and an arrow head respectively

Text box section: By clicking on the insert button under the text box the user is able to insert an editable the text box on the image. The user can also move the text box to a specific location as desired. The colour and the size of the text box can be specified before inserting the text box. 

Selecting various aspects of the annotation: By clicking on the select button you can move already inserted text boxes and arrows. 

Save to database: This allows for the inserted changes to be saved to the database. The changes will become visible when the user goes back to the plot overview, selected the annotated image and clicks on annotate. 

Clear annotations: Will clear all annotations made to the plot (even after it has been saved to the database). 

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