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1. Landing page

Once you have logged in to the Hematology Atlas app you will be greeted with the Hematology Atlas landing page. 

1.1 Main buttons

The five main buttons on the landing page will navigate you to the different modules.


1.1.1 Main buttons – Atlas

To learn about the different cell types and their possible abnormalities, you can go to the Atlas module by clicking on the Atlas button. You will be brought to a new page, where you can click on "Open" under Peripheral blood, you can subsequently choose the cell type you want to open, and the abnormality of that cell type you wish to view.

1.1.2 Main buttons – Microscopy

When clicking on the Microscopy button you will land on the demo slides page, click on "OPEN" to enter the demo slides, again click on "OPEN" to enter. After selecting one of the slides and viewing it interactively you will come into the Microscopy module. This module will show you the slide of the case, it will provide you with case info and additional info and it will allow you to make diagnoses and add markers to cells on the slide to identify what cell type they are. 

1.1.3 Main buttons – Lectures

To view the different lectures in the form of a pdf in the lectures module, you can click on the Lectures button.

1.1.4 Main buttons – E-learning

To go to the E-learning module to practice your learning material, you first click on the E-learning button. Then, you can click on “OPEN” to enter the lectures, again click "OPEN" to enter the exercises and E-learning types you would like to execute in the E-learning module.

1.1.5 Main buttons – Guidelines


To view the guidelines, you can click on the Guidelines button to go to the Guidelines module.



1.2 Side menu

When you click on the hamburger button, the side menu will enlarge and the annotated buttons will appear. 

The side menu can be found in the bottom left corner of the landing page and consists of a help button, a questions button and a home button.



Help button - leads you to this manual, where you will be provided with an introduction to the Hematology Atlas.

Questions button - lets you submit any questions or suggestions you might have via our ticketing system.                                                  

Home button - navigates you back to the Hematology Atlas landing page from any point of the app.

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