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In this chapter, we will explain how to view and customize your plots interactively in the Interactive plot page using the example of the dimension reduction (scatter) plot. Each plot type has some visualization options unique to it, but most options and functionalities are common for all plots. 


1. Opening the interactive plot page

Once your analysis has been been completed you can view its result in the interactive plot page if the has the green "Interactive" banner. You can open the interactive plot page by clicking on the "View interactively" button of the selected plot from the track. 

2. Customization options in the interactive plot page

A few types of customization options found under dimension reduction, found in the right-hand side accordion menu, are mentioned below:

  1. Select input - choose the way you color code the plot. You can color code the plot either based on the expression of a gene or the values or groups of a metadata variable.
  2. Marker options - customize the appearance of the plot markers.
  3. Legend  - customize plot legend.
  4. Plot title - customize the plot title.

Clicking on these tabs and the subtabs therein will display the visualization parameters. Clicking on the label of a parameter will open the Plotly manual for that parameter, where you can have an in-depth explaination on what that parameter does.

A more detailed list of visualisation options can be found under the manual pertaining to dimension reduction. 

3. Saving plot customization settings

Once you are happy with your customized plot, you can click on the "Save setting" button, located on the top right, to save the selected visualization options. The saved visualization settings will be available the next time you view the plot interactively. Additionaly the saved customized plot will be displayed on the plot thumbail in the plot overview page.

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